Spring Cleaning

Time to get ready for spring.  Take a moment and call to have your crawlspace inspected for the possibility of seeping water from all the snow melt this season.  Be on top of your game.  Call now +1-208-703-0743.

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Potential Issues of an Older Home

Many homeowners or buyers run into unexpected issues when owning or buying an older home.  Some of these issues may also be found in newer homes.  Nevertheless, many people will face one or many of these issues in their lifetime.  According to Forbes.com, here are what to look for and common problems hidden in old homes


Who is Rhino and What do we Do?

RHINO is a local, family-owned Water Damage restoration and Mold/Bio growth remediation company serving the Treasure Valley.  We are properly certified and experienced to restore water damage and complete safe mold and sewage remediation.  We are committed to improving the quality of living for the community who may be unknowingly exposed to the silent but damaging effects of mold and bio growth that follows a water damage issue.  We have 12 years of various construction and remodeling experience and have been working in Water Damage restoration and Mold remediation since 2015.  We are Licensed, Certified and Insured.



We locate and remedy the source of water.  From sudden and massive sewage flooding, to hidden roof leaks caused by ice dams, leaky toilet wax rings, leaky pipes, cracked foundation, moisture in basement, improper ventilation, trapped humidity and more.  We remove any wet unsalvageable material, contain and thoroughly dry the area and remove humidity (Average drying period is up to 3 days).  We offer FREE inspection and assess any possible problematic areas.


We assess the problem, locate the source of moisture.  Ensure proper ventilation and inform owner/occupant of how to properly address problematic areas and how we can help.  We use top of the line equipment to locate moisture in hidden places.  Attics, crawlspaces, behind sheetrock, bathrooms, basements etc.  Mold is naturally everywhere and thrives in dark moist locations and grows and spreads quickly.  This natural process begins unseen and can quickly become a toxic source of sickness and cause allergy type symptoms, headache, fatigue, flu-like and other symptoms for those living amongst the mold.


Mold spores must be properly contained as they can quickly migrate to other parts of the home through the air, through ventilation and ducting systems.  It is critical to identify the source and encapsulate the mold growth and prevent further damage.  We are experienced and trained to build containments, remove unsalvageable material and to properly treat and remediate the mold and prevent growth.  We use negative air machines, and industry approved filtration systems and vacuums to prevent the spread and to thoroughly remove lingering spores.


Based on our inspection, in the event that mold/biogrowth exists, we inform owner/occupant of necessary remediation process and begin with proper remediation  process.  We determined what is salvageable and what is unsalvageable and proceed as necessary.  We then treat all affected areas as needed.


We strive to repair the home to pre disaster condition as soon as possible after thoroughly addressing any problems that may arise in such a disaster.  We work with you and your insurance companies to ensure you are getting the quality and satisfaction necessary and not stuck with unforeseen surprises in the financially, although they sometime they do arise..  We have an Easy Payment Plan for anything not covered by insurance.  Our team is experienced and can answer many questions as to what is or is not covered by home insurance.  However, it is always best to follow up with your insurance company afterwards to ensure proper coverage of damage.

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